What People Say


Arielle C., 2018

"It was a really great class. I found it both challenging and incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. The instructor was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful- she always gently corrected me so that I would get the greatest benefit from the class. I would definitely recommend!"



LaShaun E., 2017

"I have been to many yoga studios and classes and I will say tonight was the first time that I had any instant positive feelings towards the teacher, the space and the students. It was nice to have my process facilitated by someone with so much experience. Carolyn took her time with each person as she helped modify our poses. The space is very serene and you are clearly being welcomed into a sacred place. The class size was perfect and clearly impacts the environment, Carolyn's attention and each student's practice. It was a great experience and the thought and energy that Carolyn put into her class and teaching was very apparent and much appreciated."



Josephine B., 2016

"This was such a phenomenal yoga class to do during my finals period! Carolyn is so kind in her instructions and corrections and reminds everyone to "do what they are able to do." It's been a little while since I've taken a class so I've forgotten the names of some of the poses--it didn't matter! Her step by step instructions were great. Cannot wait to go back in the spring!"



Keleen R., 2016

This was one if the best yoga classes I've ever attended! The Carolyn was very patient and helpful. The environment was very relaxing. I will definitely attend again.



Youshin S., 2016

Great yoga studio! The class was challenging enough that I didn't get distracted by my thoughts. I love the atmosphere and of the studio.



Emma M., 2016

I love this class. The move is very comfortable and the instructor is very patient and professional. She has very soothing voice and give out very clear instructions. I will continue do the basic class with her. She is very nice and have blankets ready for every participant. Very thoughtful!



Marcia R., 2016

Yoga in Tribeca is awesome! It is very evident that Carolyn is a gifted teacher who truly loves yoga and enjoys sharing that experience with her students. The class is small so it allows her to provide individualized attention as needed. Her passion is obvious as every move is carefully demonstrated. Carolyn genuinely cares about the proper form of yoga practice and offered kind encouragement especially for us beginners. In addition, the decor of her studio provides a very calm and cozy atmosphere to foster relaxation after a stressful day.

It was an absolute pleasure being a student here; I can wholeheartedly say that I would definitely continue taking classes.


Mia J., 2016

Yoga in Tribeca is worth a try especially if you are interested in becoming aware of your body through yoga postures that enhance both flexibility and strength. Carolyn is one of the best instructors I have taken yoga classes with. She corrects postures frequently and develops your ability for postures in stages by increasing your strength and flexibility. Carolyn has a good understanding of the human body and works with each student at their level to prevent injury. Not only do I leave class feeling wonderfully relaxed and worked out, but I have seen marked changes in my flexibility and strength after three classes, because of proper positioning. I will definitely be continuing with her classes.



Doris B., 2015 - This Yoga Studio was excellent. I have been looking for an authentic Hatha Yoga School at last I found it. I just loved it. Carolyn, the teacher, was very knowledgeable and caring and corrected little things to make sure that I was doing the postures properly. The studio was very clean and cozy and had all the many props necessary to do the postures correctly as form is everything. I will definitely return to this studio as the atmosphere was rejuvenating, calming and tranquil! I will surely return.



Mary Ellen L., 2015 - Loved this class! The atmosphere is so welcoming and relaxed and Carolyn was so helpful in giving me tips for exercises I can do to help my sciatica. The class moved at a great pace and was the perfect amount of challenging for a relative newcomer to yoga. I left feeling very calm and rejuvenated - will certainly go back!



Leslie G., 2015 - This class was a great find for me. I have been practicing yoga for many years and have practiced with a whole lot of instructors. The pace and caliber of teaching excelled my expectations. Carolyn is gentle and experienced and made the class a pleasure but also a challenge.



Kim M., 2015 - I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the studio. With all the background music that has become a staple in many other adapted yoga classes, you can focus on your breath and clear your mind of extraneous noise. This is a focused class on yoga stretching. Even though the class was full, the instructor was attentive to our postures and offered helpful corrections gently. We also had enough space versus other studios that allow mere inches between you and your neighbors. Props are available at no additional cost on the day that I attended. The studio is up three floors, so be prepared to climb. Finally, I enjoy heated spaces the most; though the studio isn’t a hot studio, it was comfortably warm and open. The space has a homey feel as it is in a home but with yoga-centric decor. Overall it was a very inviting, educational and enjoyable practice.



Christine M., 2015 - Great instructor, cool space, and awesome classes!



Jenny J., 2015 - Loved the studio and the experience. The instructor really embodies what she teaches - the yoga studio is in her home but is also very professional. She gives lots of individual attention and the class itself was wonderful. I took an advanced beginner class and the level was accurate.



Theresa Y., 2014 - Cozy studio, small class, attentive instructor, and easy to follow instructions. Highly recommended.



Adrienne V., 2013 - Great instructor & studio. I like that it’s a small & cozy class. Overall, It was a really great experience for a beginner!



Nancy R., 2014 Great class! The teacher was very accommodating to beginners in the class, while supporting more advanced students who wanted to take their moves to the next level.



Claudia M., 2014 - I enjoy the experience more every time that I go to these classes!!!! The instructor is amazing!






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